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Fayetteville NC Real Estate

Fayetteville, North Carolina is a city rich with diversity. The local economy greatly benefits from nearby Fort Bragg. The local real estate market is very affordable and mainly made up of single-family homes. 

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Fayetteville, North Carolina is a large city with a lot to offer for its residents. Fayetteville’s economy is very strong, with the city’s major industries being healthcare, education, and the military. In particular, the military is extremely important to the city, due to how close the city is to Fort Bragg. With its proximity to Fort Bragg, which has thousands of personnel living and working near the city, it is unsurprising that a large portion of the population of Fayetteville  are involved with the military in some capacity, as military personnel, their families or as civilians that work at the base. While the military is a large contributor to the prosperity of the city, Fayetteville has more to offer than just amenities for the military; the city is also rich with history. Fayetteville was formed in 1783 and was named after the French war hero the Marquis de Lafayette. Fayetteville was also where the state convention to ratify the Constitution and is also where the University of North Carolina was chartered by the State General Assembly. Fayetteville has numerous historic buildings and sites, with more than 50 being on the National Register of Historic Places, ensuring that the city’s rich history will be preserved for future generations. Fayetteville’s has a very affordable real estate market, with a median house price well below the national median, as well as an average rent that is below the national average. Residents of Fayetteville are more likely to rent their residences, but there are many that own their homes instead.

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